Invitation to the Special Issue of Bioengineering (deadline 31 July 2020)

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31 July 2020

Invitation to the Special Issue of Bioengineering "Towards 3R Approaches: Bioengineering Tools and Technologies as Advanced Alternatives to Animal Testing" 

The Special Issue, to be published in Bioengineering (MDPI), wants to highlight new and advanced bioengineering tools and technologies for developing better and more predictive alternative methods, whose integrated application could lead to reduction, refinement, and even replacement (3R) of animal use for scientific purposes and in pre-clinical research.

TOPICS: From basic biomedical research and tissue engineering studies to drug testing and toxicological screening, in particular

3D in vitro models of cells/tissues/organs

Biomimetic bioreactors, microfluidics, and organ-on-chips

Sensors and monitoring devices for 3D in vitro cultures

Test bench technologies

In silico approaches

Details and submission:
Submission deadline: 31 July 2020
Guest Editors: Dr. Diana Massai, Prof. Sara Mantero



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