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As stated in the agreement for the constitution, the aims of Centro 3R are:

  • to promote the creation of courses on the 3Rs to be taught at the bachelor and master degree levels;
  • to create an "open" virtual infrastructure with resources, news and services for teachers and researchers interested on methods for the reduction, refinement and replacement of animal testing;
  • to promote scientific and cultural debate, by providing information on topics related to the 3Rs;
  • to promote, develop and coordinate studies on topics related to the 3Rs, in collaboration with other universities, research centers, and public/private institutions both at the national and international levels;
  • to implement and promote the development and use of new methods integrating in-vitro and in-silico techniques in basic and applied research;
  • to organize courses, seminars and other dissemination activities;
  • to establish awards, scholarships and fellowships for young researchers;
  • to promote the collaboration with organizations for animal welfare in the identification of alternative methods to animal testing;
  • to promote tecnology transfer;
  • to favor international collaboration for the sharing of knowledge and best practices related with the 3Rs, and for other activities at the EU level that agree with the aims of Centro 3R.