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03 September 2021

I giorni 14 e 15 settembre 2021 si terrà un evento virtuale da Helsinki, proposto da UPM "UPM Biomedicals 7th Annual Conference - Future of 3D cell culture: from research to treatments".

"The conference will focus on hurdles that have to be tackled in order to bring results from academia to the industrial level. The topics will cover all aspects of 3D cell culture from development and implementation of disease models, personalized medicine, toxicology, organ-on-chip, 3D bioprinting and high throughput screening."

L'evento é gratuito. Ulteriori informazioni, incluso il form di registrazione, al link






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Il Centro 3R compie sei anni!!!

Date 18 December 2023 - 09:00 to 18:00
Location Auditorium del Polo Le benedettine a Pisa.