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Chiara got her PhD with honors in 2016. For the high quality of her work, she also got the certification for the European Doctorate (Doctor Europaeus). Actually, she is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Information Engineering and at the Research Center "E. Piaggio".

Her research focuses on developing open-source algorithms for both single neuron tracing and 3D morphometric extraction from confocal datasets representing densely-packed neurons in their native arrangement within the brain. The quantitative morphological analysis of the micro-structure could be useful to better understand the structure-function relationship within the brain. In particular, the algorithms she developed was used to study sexual dimorphism in murine models of autism and to unravel human claustral micro-architecture.

Recently, she is adapting the algorithms she developed for single-cell 3D reconstruction and 3D morphometric extraction, to map human brain organoids micro-structure.



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4th edition of the transversal doctoral course "Scientific research and the 3R’s principle"

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