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Draft programme

 20 June 2019  

8.30 - 9.30
9.30 - 10.00
Opening Ceremony
Welcome addresses Prof. Paolo Comanducci and Rectors of affiliated universities
10.00 - 10.50
Topic:  Keynote
Arti Ahluwalia (Centro 3R and UNIPI) – Introductory and welcome remarks
Keynote Lecture: Susanna Louhimies (DG Environment) –Directive 2010/63/EU – progress, challenges and future directions 
10.50 - 11.20
Coffee Break
11.20 - 12.20
Topic: Involvement of national and international Institutions in 3R implementation.
Ugo Santucci, Ministero della Salute, Italy
Delegato MIUR
Rodolfo  Lorenzini, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italy
Adelaide Dura  (Joint Research Centre - JRC) – Three Rs in education and training
12.20 - 13.20
Topic:  Reduction and Refinement: scientific, ethical and legal issues
Angelo Gazzano (UNIPI) – Refinement of laboratory animal welfare 
Michele Panzera (Università di Messina) – Neurophysiological models of animal sentience
Franco Manti (UNIGE) – For an ethical experimentation: Moral arguments in support of 3Rs.
13.20 - 14.30
Light Lunch and Young Poster Session
14.30 - 15.30
  Topic:  Companies in supporting 3R principles
Salvatore Simmini (StemCell Technologies) Discovering Organoids: The Journey Of 3D Culture Systems
Francesco Nevelli (Senior Scientist, MerckGroup) – Renewing Potency Assays: moving forward from traditional methods
  Nikolas Gaio (BI/OND) – Versatile organ on chip platforms
Alberto Manganaro (Kode Chemoinformatics) – QSAR models and their practical use, the experience of Kode
15.30 - 16.10
Topic: In Silico Models: Toxicology & Efficacy of Drugs, and Chemicals
Marco A. Deriu (POLITO) – Computational molecular modelling as replacement technology in rational drug design & discovery
Gaetano Valenza (UNIPI) – From statistical uncertainty to machine learning through in-silico models
16.10 - 17.10
Topic: Application of   Reduction principles in animal testing
Raffaella Colombo (UNIPV) – A new *in vitro* gastrointestinal system to evaluate the effect of exogenous molecules
Luigi Preziosi (POLITO) – How can Mathematical Modelling Support Cancer Research
Manuela Marcoli  (UNIGE ) – Centr 3R organ and Tissue Sharing Project
17.10  - 17.50
Topic: Application of   Refinement principles in animal testing
Gianfranco Beniamino Fiore (POLIMI)  Advanced culture systems for ex-vivo vascular tissue conditioning
Michele Conti (UNIPV) – Biomechanical simulations and 3D  printing for endovascular device testing
  Giovanni Nicoletti ( UNIPV)  Platelet rich plasma enhancement of ex-vivo human skin cultures
17.50- 20.00
Cocktails and poster evaluation


21 June 2019

9.30 - 9.50
Keynote Lecture: Chantra Eskes (Swiss 3R Center) – Promoting 3Rs implementation through research, education, communication
9.50 - 10.50
Topic:  Disease Models Using Human Cells, Tissues and Organs
Barbara Parodi (IRCSS San Martino Genova)  Biobanking and biomolecular resource research infrastructure: the Italian node.
Simone Lapi (Biobanca Pisa)  Pisa Biobank and Tuscany Regional Biorepository
Gianluca Ciardelli (POLITO) – On the transferability of tissue engineering technologies to the design of tissue models
Coffee Break and  Young Poster Session
11.20 –12.10
Round table - Role of 3R Centers
Young Poster Session Award
Light Lunch
14.00- 15.20
Topic: Application of Replacement in research
Maria Grazia Cascone (UNIPI) Tissue engineered constructs for the replacement of laboratory animals
Sara Mantero (POLIMI)  Bioreactors as physiological-like in vitro models
Paola Petrini (POLIMI)Hydrogel-based platforms to mimic in vivo drug diffusion: a multicenter research
Susi Burgalassi (UNIPI)  Reconstituted epithelial corneal tissues for evaluation of drug delivery
15.20 -16.20
Topic: Commitment of Centro 3R in University training
Arti Ahluwalia (UNIPI)  Inserting 3Rs in core curricula, hurdles and achievements
Anna Maria Bassi (UNIGE) Teaching and Training in Substitutive Approaches to Animal Testing:  Commitment of UNIGE
Valeria Chiono (POLITO) Approaching 3R teaching in biomedical engineering
Andrea Aliverti (POLIMI) Ethical issues in Ph.D. training at PoliMI
16.20 - 18.00
Centro 3R Council Meeting