improving experimental design and methods to alleviate or minimise pain, suffering or distress in animals
substitution of procedures on animals with alternative methods of equivalent or better validity and translational value
reducing the number of animal used in scientific procedures



Il centro 3R a EUSAAT!

Siamo al congresso organizzato da EUSAAT, European Society for Alternatives to Animal Testing, a Linz.

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SCHEER - Call for external experts for the SCHEER WG on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes

La Comunità Europea invita i membri della comunità scientifica che si occupano di ricerca biomedicale a parteci

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3days for 3Rs


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Immunotherapy for Infectious Diseases Conference-June 20-23, 2022 AULA MAGNA, University of Pavia - Italy

The “Immunotherapy for Infectious Diseases Conference” brings together academia, small biotech, big pharma and regulatory bodies invested in the discovery of novel therapeutic strategies.

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