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As established by the founding convention, the Centro 3R has the following objectives:

  •     to promote the establishment of courses on the principles of the 3Rs in scientific curricula;
  •     create a virtual and "open" infrastructure with resources, news and services for teachers and researchers interested in methods that allow the reduction, refinement or replacement of experimental techniques that require the use of animals;
  •     promote  scientific and cultural debate, offering adequate information and support on topics related to the 3Rs;
  •     promote, develop and coordinate studies and research in the field of 3Rs. Collaboration with other university structures, research centers, public and private institutions both nationally and internationally is also promoted;
  •     implement and promote the development and use of new integrated in-vitro and in-silico methods in basic and applied research;
  •     organize courses, seminars, study conventions and scientific dissemination initiatives in various disciplinary fields and in compliance with current legislation;
  •     establish awards or scholarships / research grants for young researchers who undertake research in accordance with the 3R principles;
  •     to foster collaboration with animal welfare organizations in the direction of alternative methods to animal experimentation;
  •     promote technology transfer from the academic world to industry;
  •     to favour the establishment of international collaborations for sharing knowledge and good practices related to the 3R principles and for carrying out activities at the European level in line with the overall strategies of the Center.
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