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da 13 Settembre 2023 - 12:00 a 15 Settembre 2023 - 16:00


The conference will be held on 13-15 September 2023 at University of Milano Bicocca. The meeting gathers top experts in the fields of 3Rs namely
REDUCTION: reduction in the number of animals used for a specific study
REFINEMENT: improvement of experimental design to reduce stress and suffering to animals
REPLACEMENT: replacement (even partial) of animal testing with alternative methods of comparable validity.

3Rs summarize the ethical principles that researchers should respect when they undertake animal experiments.

As well anticipated by the Meeting’s title, The role of 3Rs in the age of One Health: where we are and where we’re going, the meeting, bringing together several scientists who are applying the 3Rs’ principles, would like to give an insight into the present-day situation and propose new ideas to move towards the future of the 3Rs. To this end the meeting will have several topics covering different aspects of the 3Rs’ thinking: 

- 3Rs’ implementation in cosmetics R&D;

- synthesis and use of biomaterials and/or engineered tissues to reduce or avoid animal models;

- use of bioreactors and microfluidic devices to improve in vitro studies;

- new methodologies for safe and sustainable chemicals and (nano)materials synthesis; 

- new alternatives for in vivo validation including 3D cell cultures, or organoids and other robust alternative animal models. 

- refinements methods, such as in silico and statistical approaches, that can help researcher in reducing animal number with the aim to improve experimental design and significantly help to reduce the actual severity of specific scientific procedures and models. 

Furthermore, the meeting wants to introduce the participants to the Italian and European 3Rs’ normative as well as how teaching may further increase 3Rs’ future. 
We expect that participants could share novel ideas, novel data, discoveries, and future perspective by oral and poster presentations, emphasizing the great opportunity offered by 3Rs application. 

The target audience for this conference is basic, translational and computational scientists, as well as young investigators who wants approach 3Rs in their research field.



Scientific committee:
Marcella Rocchetti, Giulio Sancini, Laura Sironi, Chiara Urani (Università di Milano-Bicocca)
Arti Ahluwalia (Università di Pisa)
Sonia Scarfi (Università di Genova)
Livia Visai (Università di Pavia)
Sara Mantero (Politecnico di Milano)
Valerio Chiono (Politecnico di Torino)
Alberto Rainer (Campus Biomedico Roma)
Monica Mattioli Belmonte (Università Politecnica delle Marche)

Click here for details of the scientific committee.

Organising committee:
Gabriella Nicolini, Giuseppe Chirico, Paride Mantecca, Ferdinando Chiaradonna, Davide Ballabio, Elisabetta Donzelli, Cristina Crocamo, Rossella Bengalli, Sara Marchetti, Virginia Brancato, Barbara Zerbato, Luisa Fiandra, Davide Panzeri, Laura D’Alfonso (Università Milano-Bicocca).

Click here for details of the organising committee.



The congress will be held at the University of Milano Bicocca in Aula Martini (U6 Building, Piazza dell'Ateneo Nuovo, 1, 20126 Milan)

Details on the venue, how to reach us and suggested accommodations are available at this link.



Program of the conference is available at the following link.

Book of abstracts is available at the following link.

Invited speakers are international outstanding scientists in several fields of 3Rs that have given crucial contribution to apply 3Rs’ principle. The list of invited speakers is available at the following link.

Sign up for the opportunity to try the TATAbox, the new edutainment game of Altertox Academy: https://forms.gle/mjn2e7AUzn8o13CPA



Abstract submission is closed.

Deadline for abstract submission: July 10, 2023

Prizes will be awarded for the best oral and poster presentations.



Registration is closed.

  Early registration (August, 2nd 2023) Late registration (September, 6th 2023)
full participant 100 euro 150 euro
research fellows/post-doc 30 euro 60 euro
students free  30 euro


Conference fees include: conference kit, attendance to all oral and poster sessions, welcome cocktail, 2 conference lunches, 5 coffee breaks.



Talks and Posters will be evaluated by a jury and prizes will be awarded to the 3 best talks and 3 best posters.
1. 600 € (grant funded by Humane Society International, Europe)
2. 300 € (grant funded by Humane Society International, Europe)
3. Graphic commmunication course funded by Science Draw Graphic
1. 600 € (grant funded by Humane Society International, Europe)
2. 300 € (grant funded by Humane Society International, Europe)
3. Graphic commmunication course funded by Science Draw Graphic

The most appealing and engaging presentation (oral or poster) will be awarded by ALTERTOX with a Hands on Training.



Contact us at: 3Rmeeting@unimib.it